Birds of a Feather - Bringing a Collection to Life – Pehr Europe
Birds of a Feather - Bringing a Collection to Life

Birds of a Feather - Bringing a Collection to Life

When we introduced our blog, the Notebook, we mentioned that one of the things we were excited to share was a glimpse into Pehr's process: how products come to be, and how collections come to life.

With the launch of our newest collection, Birds of a Feather, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.



Every product, print, and color comes out of our Product Development team. They visualized a series of complimentary collections that would be Pehr's interpretation of Land, Sea and Air. Land came to life in our Meadow and Magical Forest prints. Our Life Aquatic and Minnow collections captured a world underwater with Narwhals, Octopus, Whales and schools of Fish.

And to complete the circle, Birds of a Feather was imagined: an airy and ethereal representation of our winged friends in the sky.

Here’s a closer look at Birds of a Feather:


As you can imagine, color is a big deal for us here at Pehr. There is so much thought and care that goes into the Pantones that are selected for each collection, as well as how we name them (e.g. Petal, Ink), how we combine them into palettes, and how we bring them to life through our products.

For our latest collection, Birds of a Feather, we dreamed up this pretty print in a palette that is unabashedly feminine and delicate. The four main colors are seen below: blush, petal, marigold, and clay. 


This inspired us to create some playful Origami birds in the colors of the print. 

Birds of a Feather, flock together!

Click here to shop the Birds of a Feather collection --> 



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